About Us

Proudly serving Kitsap County for over 40 years

Proudly Serving In The Kitsap County

Arlond's Automotive Diagnostics has been proudly serving in the Kitsap County area for over 40 years. Our mechanics have more than 70 years of combined experience which enable us, to work on any car whether personal, foreign, domestic, gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid we can guarantee the right fix every time.


*Our Price and Pride*

Arlond's Automotive Diagnostics offers outstanding and competitive prices on all our services and always delivers guaranteed service protection for added confidence in our work. We are proud to provide the highest quality professional repair service to our clients and help them understand the service provided on their vehicle.

*Our Customer Pledge*

We personally pledge to you that we will never sacrifice our professional integrity by knowingly recommending or installing any part or performing any service that we did not believe is imperative for optimal operation of your vehicle. We will treat your vehicle as if were our own as well as apply cutting edge diagnostics equipment to isolate the problem, and 70+ years of shop experience to resolve it as quickly, safely and most cost effectively as possible.